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Parents meeting 22/2/20

Present: Ruth Wilkie, Maria Stewart, Teresa Wilkinson, Nazia Ilyas, Laura Hoole, Debbie Leigh, Tom Farey, Marilyn and Peter Gregson. Apologies Christina Stringfellow and Michelle Orrell, Diana Turner.

1)      Ruth opened meeting thanked everyone for staying and welcomed our new parent

2)      Finance. PP1 - 3319.60. PP2 - 5944.40 PP3 - 1621.92.

3)      Awards season:-Preston Sports Awards -Joe has been short listed for a sports for all award and we have been short listed for the community club of the year. Anybody who would like to attend it will cost £25 per ticket for a two course meal and the venue is PNE at the Invincible lounge 20th March 6.30- 10.45pm. If you could put your name on the list I can then let them know so we can all sit together.

4)      Calvert 2020:- The trip was discussed and explained to the new members. Cost will be £200 per carer. Proposed date 6th to 8th Nov.

5)      Co op Funding:- Next week a pioneer member of co-op is coming to visit to see what we do and suggest ways they can help to fundraise for us. Photographer for Preston Sports Awards coming in the next few weeks so please wear Panthers tops.

6)      Fairshare food:- Ruth will continue to obtain our supplies for each Saturday. If anyone is free with transport on Friday mornings it would be a great help. Hopefully prices are acceptable to everyone.

7)      Roller banner:-The roller banner kindly donated to us was not blank so should we pay for one advertising us to be here all the time?

8)      Testimonies:- If anyone can write about Panthers it would be good then we can put them on our web site.

9)      Website:-Being that there are difficulties with children’s faces on web site we thought we would put our pets on instead. It was decided against this. Any other ideas would be welcome.

10)  Easyfundraising page:-  should we add an amazon smile account also to help raise money? Michelle is trying to sort this out.

11)  Laura has offered to try and help out starting a new Panthers facebook account.

12)  Currently have 4 volunteers who are applying to go on a leadership weekend with the LABGC at the beginning of April so good luck to them. I’m sure it will be an amazing weekend if it all comes together.

13)  Bag pack:- dates to be asked for at Morrisons – we are trying to arrange asap.

14)  Fundraising, social media volunteers needed. Many thanks to our latest additions to help run the club. Treasurer Michelle.

15)  Feedback on the bowling trip – we enjoyed the evening but the centre didn’t quite have the facilities as one of the lanes was not working properly.

16)  AOB

17)  Next meeting April 4th

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