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4th January 2020   Parents meeting.


  1. Finances – PP1 £4139.17, PP2 £5994.40, PP3 £1621.36.

The PP1 has an extra £845.89 for the new equipment we have been given from the One Stop carrier bags causes scheme.

            Our project has been awarded £845.89 from @1StopCommunity #CarriersforCauses grant!


We’re looking forward to making a difference in our community having received £845.89 from @1StopCommunity’s #CarriersforCauses grant


Fantastic to have received £845.89 from @1StopCommunity’s #CarriersforCauses.  This will really make a difference in our community!


We’re excited to see how your project develops over the coming months and want to follow all of your tweets, Facebook posts photos and videos that you create about your project.  Please ensure you copy us into any posts (Our profile details are @1STOPCommunity) and the hashtag #CarriersforCauses in your updates so that we can retweet and repost as appropriate – and let as many people as possible know about your project.


Please help distribute the messages on social media for us at panthers as it helps us advertise and shows appreciation to the one stop shops for there donation.

  1. We do need a name for the new club so if anybody can think of any ideas let me know asap and hopefully we can get some advertising completed, new posters ect.


  1. Bowling day Marilyn.


  1. We still need a fundraiser and /or ideas to help raise some money we were very successful at the bag pack and raised over £300.


  1. Calvert 2020 – that time of year again when we start arranging for the trip 31st October is the Saturday and 1st November the Sunday. If everyone is in agreement propose dates for deposits will be two months apart as it went so well last year so…£50 (if the same price) March, May, July and September. So the trip will be paid in full by September.


  1. AOB and next meeting.

Parents meeting
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