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Here we will post minutes from the latest parents meetings.

Hello everyone


We hope everyone is well.


This is a very important email to let you all know what is going on at the moment as our current members are not used to how Panthers has been run. Obviously there have been lots of changes due to covid and as we seem to be getting back to normal, we feel that this email is needed.


Panthers is run by its membership which means it is run by you, all our parents and children/young adults.

Unfortunately due to other commitments we no longer have a dedicated sports coach who is able to be at Panthers each week. This then has meant that Ruth has committed to turning up each week and has had to be both a chairperson and coach. 

As you can appreciate this then means we are unable to run the meetings which used to be every 6 weeks or so. This has now left writing this email to help everyone realise how important to the club you all are!

And you all are very important!!!


So recent activities...

Thank you to all our new members - Thank you.

Ruth is completing her level 3 in disability sports so she can hold sessions with a lot more knowledge of how specific disabilities affect people. Contact on 07599333816.

Michelle who is our treasurer has successfully completed a bank account safeguarding and continues to turn up every week with her two children who are usually found swimming.

Helen McKinnell is our safeguarding lead/ welfare officer. She is very happy for you to contact he via email on


We are thinking that for the moment communication through emails will have to be the new normal so, if you do have any questions or suggestions feel free to email us. This does definitely mean that we will be updating you with what is going on through email every six weeks or more often if needed. So do please read them. 


Action needed:  If you don't already know the club runs an annual trip to The Calvert Trust in the Lake District for a weekend. Most recently has been held in the November half term which works very well weather wise as it is still quite mild. So, thoughts are turning to this years trip and planning for this. 

The children are paid for by the subs you pay each week and the parents are then left paying for themselves which we break down into four payments to help take the pressure off.  

All that is left for you to do is to let us know if you would like a place for your child/young adult.

Do please message or add your name to a list which will be on the desk this week. When we know how many people are interested we will be able to plan the trip in more detail.


Many thanks for giving this update your attention.


As always, sent with kind regards.

Keep well and safe

Parents meeting
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