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Hello everyone


We hope you are all well.


As you all know we are well on our way to planning for the weekend at Calvert Trust Lake District in November.

To help with this we now need everyone to fill in a form with which the team at Calvert gets to know what your needs are and this helps them plan the activities they provide for us. Please collect them from the desk on your arrival and either complete in the session or take home to complete and bring back asap.


As part of parents running the club we aim to keep you updated on how finances are going. This would normally be discussed in meetings but being that there is no time to both chair meetings and run sessions we are doing this by email for now.

The treasurer Michelle provided us with the bank balances last week.

As they stood on the 13/5/2022. No1 account had £7,779.87

                                                    No 2 account had £4,014.00

                                                    No 3 account had £3,179.53

As I have been advised by Michelle the accounts do on the surface look adequate however by the time we have paid Calvert and the transport costs No 1 account will only just have around £1,000 left in. This then will be topped up by funds left to collect from parents of around £2,000 if all goes as anticipated.

Our current costs are £120 per week including insurance which we are not yet breaking even on so we are making a loss overall. We would also like to get to a point where we can buy new equipment regularly so around £150 a week would be comfortable then we can also be creative with the activities we provide. This is where we really need your help as being that we do not want to increase costs, it would be fantastic if parents can take leaflets and put them in shop windows, coffee shops and churches. Community notice boards where you know they exist, schools and in your car or home windows. So please do pick some up when you visit and spread the word.


To help manage this downfall we are planning to do some fundraising.

The first event we are planning is a car boot and cafe type sale at the Methodist church on Tag lane Ingol in July. To help with this if people can bring any clothes they no longer want or need, toys anything which will we can sell to raise money that would be brilliant. If you bring them to Panthers session Ruth can store at her house until the day. When we have firmed up a date we will plan further for parents and our young people to volunteer to help out a run stalls and possibly help with a car wash. Of course any other ideas are always welcome and if parents want to do anything else please do let Ruth know so she can email and spread the word.


Session news

There will be no swimming tomorrow 21/5/22 as there is a swim gala at West View.

4/6/22 we will be closed as it is the jubilee weekend.


That now just leaves the team to say a massive thank you to everyone who comes and supports Panthers. 


Thank you 

Take care

See you soon

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