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Parents meeting 28 September 2019


Present: Marilyn Gregson, Helen McKinnell, Debbie Leigh, Christine Walker, Teresa Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkie, Nazia Ilyas, Alia Ahmed.

Apologies: Diana Turner, Peter Gregson, Christina Stringfellow.

Finances: As of 14th September     PP1 £2571.28

                                                        PP2 £5295.78

                                                        PP3 £1620.26

Income an average of £60 per week.

A vacant post has been filled as Helen McKinnell has agreed to be the safeguarding/ welfare officer - Many thanks to her.

We have opened a mini food bank which we access through Fareshare. Items can be bought on Saturday’s at reasonable prices.

Some of our members attended a volunteer training on Monday the 23rd September and Lancashire College (who delivered the session), have said they can offer free sessions for parents whilst Panthers is running. If anyone has any specific interest please do let us know. We have brochures to look through and they are also on the Lancashire College web site.

The swimming for wellbeing sessions are now up and running – this should help to boost our income along with the Food bank.

React – James Hughes is coming to Panthers next week (4th October) to speak to the members about things which matter to them - growing up with disabilities in Preston and how things can be changed for the better. He is an excellent advocate for people in Preston and has worked for many years in his role and needs younger people to get involved. Please ask your children/young people to get involved in asking about what matters to them.

There is a skiing sessions are starting soon and run from October to May – Please contact Marilyn for more details. There is a skiing taster session. This Sunday at Pendle. 10 to 4pm session must be pre-booked with Tim Nuttal 07762 916673.


Treasurer - We are still in need of someone to volunteer to be our treasurer. Christine has other commitments now and is only holding the post till we find another volunteer. She can guide anyone who steps in and has assured me the process is very simple. We appreciate everything she has done and continues to do for the cub. Anyone interested can contact Marilyn, Ruth or Christine herself.

Walking boots: We have some size 7 ladies walking boots available. Please see Christine.



We have some sessions we have cancelled. Half term 19th October

                                                                        And 2nd November due to the trip to Calvert

Any new families please do be assured that the swim session should be in operation as usual but you will have to go through the main desk. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties.

AOB: We are going to be working very hard to raise funds by running a food sale on the 26th October. The idea is selling food to the passing public on the way to the football match on the day. We are trying to secure the venue with the help of Naz one of our parents. It is a terrific idea here’s hoping we can pull it off! Any other fundraising ideas please see Ruth or Marilyn.

We have a new web site: .    All updates and newsletters will be added to the content ASAP. This is currently being run by Philip and is a work in progress so please do give any suggestions to Ruth or post to Philip on the site.

Please also do remember to use easyfundraising whenever you order anything on line. It does raise Panthers significant amounts of money. Although individually this is not a lot, it does have a massive potential and does not cost you a penny. You can also get discounts through the web site. 


Next meeting 16th November.


Many thanks for all those who attended and my apologies if I have missed anything.

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